Burglar Alarms

A Burglar Alarm fitted by Laser Alarms can help you avoid the misery, disruption and cost that a burglary causes.

A recent report by the Office of National Statistics states that 84% of burglars will avoid a property fitted with a burglar alarm. Your possessions are precious. Let us help you protect your business, your home, your family and your possessions with our range of home and commercial alarm systems.

Every week, our office receives calls from people who have suffered a burglary and want to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Please do not wait for the worst to happen before you look at installing a burglar alarm to your home or business. Get peace of mind by calling us today Gloucester 01452 422280 

Although we are often told that crime is on the decrease, our own commonsense dictates that the expensive electrical items (televisions, mobile phones, computers and tablets, laptops, computer games consoles etc.) we have in our homes and businesses is tempting to criminals, and we need to protect them to avoid misery, cost and hassle.

One crime that is on the increase is the theft of car keys from premises. Apparently, modern cars are so secure that the only way for a thief to steal a vehicle is to steal the keys from the house or office of the vehicle owner. Protect yourself before you suffer a loss by speaking to us.

Laser Alarms offer a large range of burglar alarms to suit all types of premises and budgets, including bells-only intruder alarms, monitored alarm systems and alarm panels. It is important to say that installing a professional quality alarm can often reduce your insurance premiums.






Contact Laser Alarms regarding burglar alarms and we will:

  • Assess your home or business premises.
  • Employ leading edge technology for your alarm system.
  • Insure your alarm system is user friendly and effective.
  • Work with the requirements of your insurance company.
  • Regularly maintain and service your alarm system.

Enforcer Alarm Box


The alarm system installed by Laser Alarms can be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If your home or business is attacked, our alarm receiving centre is notified, and both the emergency services and a nominated person (householder or member of staff) are alerted. Your monitored alarm will be responded to immediately and so why wait for a passer-by to dial 999?

Please get in touch with Laser Alarms today for expert, friendly and professional advice on our large range of burglar alarm systems. We would be very happy to arrange a visit to your home or office to discuss your security and safety needs, and to carry out a site survey. Please telephone Gloucester 01452 422280