Security Fog

Security smoke, smoke screen, and smoke cloak products can be installed by Laser Alarms in home or business premises.

Although installed by many business and residential customers as a deterrent, the main use of a smoke cloak is to reduce losses should an attempted theft take place. If you haven’t come across a smoke cloak before, imagine a very thick blanket of white smoke literally filling a room within seconds of being activated. Visibility is reduced almost immediately, both shocking the intruder and causing disorientation.

 A smoke cloak provides protection to your home or business to avoid or delay intruders gaining access to protected areas of the building by reducing visibility. This should provide an additional time period in which the authorities can respond to the alarm and during which time access to the area is filled by “smoke” within seconds and therefore your premises and belongings are secured from intruders. The smoke cloak is designed to be integrated to work alongside your alarm system for added protection against Intruders. Why not take a look at a real life example of a smoke cloak in action by viewing our video below:

For further details on how we can use a smoke cloak to protect your goods, please contact us on Gloucester 01452 422280 or Swindon 01793 514999 or use the online contact form on this website.

Laser Alarms can install a smoke cloak and security smoke screens from various manufacturer’s depending on the application required. One system that we recommend is manufactured by SMOKE CLOAK. It is designed to completely fill the area being protected by reducing visibility within 60 seconds to less than 30cm.

The density of the fog is then automatically regulated for a pre-determined period or until the alarm is switched off.The product delivers ultra dense fog at unprecedented speed, projecting six metres of harmless fog in the first two seconds using the latest patented technology.

Using SMOKE CLOAK, visibility is reduced within seconds. If you cannot see it, you will be unable to steal it! Even in occupied or working premises, the SMOKE CLOAK can be used. It can be activated by a panic button or a wireless remote key fob or pendant. Virtually within seconds you have a harmless visually impenetrable wall of fog separating the intended robber from innocent staff and customers.

We know it works! One customer suffered burglaries on a regular basis throughout the year, suffering mounting financial losses until they installed SMOKE CLOAK. They now have zero losses. The SMOKE CLOAK paid for itself within months.

No criminal worth his salt would attempt a robbery on premises fitted with a security fog or smoke screen product.

Find out more about smoke screen and security fog by getting in touch with Laser Alarms for expert, friendly and professional advice. We would be very happy to arrange a visit to your home or office to discuss whether security fog would be suitable for your needs. Please telephone Gloucester 01452 422280 or Swindon 01793 514999 or use the online contact form on this website.